About Fixeta

Fixeta is a new concept on suitcases.

Have you ever traveled with your luggage on your backseats, fearing what would happen if an accident occurs or you have to break sharply?

Fixeta features two ISOFIX (or LATCH) connectors in its wheels. This way, Fixeta frees the trunk, carrying the luggage on the backseats in a more safe and secure way. Designed for those with a small car (or not even small), a trunk full of items, people traveling with a lot of luggage, Fixeta is the perfect solution for them.

Fixeta’s wheels are foldable, so you will not damage your car’s upholstery when placing on the seats.

The  ISOFIX / LATCH connectors give the freedom to put your Fixeta on your backseats (in some models even in passenger’s seat)

Maleta Fixeta

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