Time for the Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships 2017.

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Here it is! It’s time for the Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships Sierra Nevada 2017.

World’s best moguls athletes test La Visera. The slope is in “very good condition”, according to The Freestyle Ski FIS coordinator, Joe Fitzgerald.

For everyone not in the 777 chosen for this competition, the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort will keep open 90 skiable kilometres during the Championships, so skiers can access competition venues. In adittion, nine skiing nights at the Rio slope and the mini snow park will be available when night official trainings, qualifications and finals of the Championships are taking place.

You can watch live streaming and videos at Eurosport.

If Sierra Nevada is too far away from you this time, just look around for other places where enjoying your favorite Winter sport. Maybe in the USA? Or maybe you can enjoy in one of the 3510 Ski Resorts in Europe.

In Fixeta, our aim is everyone can enjoy safer our hobbies, both in our journey as in our destination.

Winter sports, such as Ski or Snowboard are so funny! But we all know that you need a proper staff.

In most Ski Resorts you can easily rent all the material you need. However, when you take any chance for enjoying in the snow, maybe you prefer to have your own equipment.

And then, the most difficult part (and that is not jumping moguls, you are rigth!): fitting everything into your car. Do you know how to do that properly?

Today, we want to show you how do they do it in ADAC (experts in Road Security). The speaking is in German, but the video is so clear!

We will pay attention to every event in the World Championships.

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We love travel. We want travel safer.

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