Holiday time! Let’s load the luggage!

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Finally! It’s holiday time. A sunny beach, a healthy mountain, the countryside or an exciting city: everyone has a favorite destination. But we all have do one thing for holidays: we pack the luggage and we are off!

Sometimes, we pack even more staff than the one which we can fit in the trunk. So, where can we load it? According to one study, by the Spanish Motor Club RACE and Goodyear, 22 percent of drivers say they load luggage into the cabin of their cars.

“Ok, but everyone does that”. And what about we have so bad luck and we need to brake suddenly with loose luggage in the car? Maybe a little incident may turn into an accident. Or a minor accident into a serious one. “How unlucky!”. Of course. Accidents always need “bad luck”.

But physics is not a question of how lucky you are: it is just physics. In a frontal crash, at 50mph, an unrestrained 10 pounds item will exert roughly 500 pounds of force (50 times its weight). Do the multiplication yourself: a cabin carry-on suitcase, just the same size as Fixeta, could hit us with with more than 1200 pounds of force.

We know that we love our stuff and that is so hard to give up something. So we should look for the more comfortable and safer way to load everything. You can fix your FixetaSuitcase in your rear seat, considering that its Isofix/LATCH Connector fasten it to your car structure.

It is so easy to use: just pull off the Isofix/LATCH Connectors and fix it. When you hear “click”, you are ready!

Enjoy the trip!

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