European Day Without A Road Death (Project EDWARD)

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Can you imagine a day without a road death?
Imagine a day without a road death

This is #projectEDWARD.


“In 2017, for the second year in a row, project EDWARD –the European Day without a Road Death will take place on 21 September during the European Mobility Week.
The objective of this initiative, launched by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) and supported by the European Commission, is that no one should die on the roads of Europe on 21
In the days leading up to EDWARD, we want all road users to think –even for just a few minutes– about the risks they face, the risks they may pose to others and how they can go about reducing those risks.”

We have a common goal: zero deaths in european roads.

Traffic accidents use to have multiple causes. We must do our best and claim for everyone (other people, drivers or pedestrians, and Governments) to do the same.

“My road safety pledge. EDWARD Pledge

I promise that I will:

  • Remind my family, friends and colleagues to take extra care on the roads.
  • Put my lights on for safety.
  • Drive as safely as I can and follow the rules when behind the wheel or riding a motorbike or bicycle.
  • Be extra vigilant and attentive to the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, children, older people and horse riders.
  • Drive at speeds that are both legal and safe.
  • Carry out proper safety checks on my tyres.
  • Pay particular attention when driving near schools, and where there are lots of children.
  • Never drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs/medicines that could impair safety.
  • Look as far ahead as possible and not tailgate other drivers
  • Always wear my seat belt and ensure that everyone with me wears theirs.
  • Not use my mobile phone while driving.
  • Ensuring I am not distracted by anything inside or outside the car, or inside my head.
  • Set a good example to my passengers by driving calmly and safely.”


I have add another point to my pledge: I promise that I will pack safely, reducing risk to myself, my passengers and others on the road.

You can make your own pledge here:

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